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We offer proofreading and quality control services performed by experienced editors for all types of texts.

Proofreading of this type is particularly recommended for texts destined for printing or publication.

Assisted by terminology databases the proofreader will examine the translated text for style, spelling and grammar. Formats are reviewed and restored as necessary.



The Bean, Chicago. Photo: Vinod Kalathil


Proofreading of books, proofreading of texts, quality controlling style, approving galley proofs, proofreading of journals, proofreading of magazines, proofreading of newspapers, proofreading of flyers, checking print releases, quality controlling terminology, checking glossaries, proofreading of technical terms, verifying corporate identity, corrections, quality, checking grammar, spellchecking



We are not only easy to reach, we are also at your service.

Eschenweg 13
D-40885 Ratingen-Lintorf

Phone: +49 2102 7307700
Email: sprachen@te-kaat.com





We are officially certified according to the comprehensive
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard and the
DIN EN ISO 17100:2016 standard, which regulates the
requirements for translation services.

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