Localisation and DTP

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Localisation is the foreign-language implementation of websites, software, databases and technical documentation taking into account the usage and terminology of the respective lingual region.

Located all over the globe, our translation specialists only ever translate into their mother language.

DTP (Desktop Publishing) is the typesetting of foreign-language texts and their special characters. DTP accommodates language-specific characters and letters as well as word, syllable and sentence dividers in foreign-language documents.

Whether it be documents, manuals, brochures, packaging, printed notices, advertising materials, publications, business cards or technical documentation - our studio-based specialists can attend to your typesetting requirements for the production of print-ready files.

The layout of your file remains unchanged due to the harmonious correction and adjustment of typos and spacings in your foreign-language texts.

Programs and file formats

All Adobe file formats, Quark XPress, Macromedia FreeHand, all Microsoft file formats, Corel Draw, EPS, Interleaf Quicksilver, XML, HTML, ...


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We are officially certified according to the comprehensive
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard and the
DIN EN ISO 17100:2016 standard, which regulates the
requirements for translation services.

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